Children's Haven Daycare Learning Center Services

Infant care (0 to 18 months)

Our infant program provides your little one with individualized care and attention in a warm, loving, and infant-only environment. Our trained staff understands how quickly a baby develops in the first year of life and we offer a developmentally appropriate curriculum that includes listening, exploring, talking, singing, physical development, and a lot of positive reinforcement through cuddling. The safe, clean, and high caregiver to infants ratio will promote optimal growth and readiness for our toddler program.

Toddler care (18 to 30 months)

As a toddler your child is absorbing information about his or her environment and our program focuses on nurturing and enhancing this period of rapid education. Your toddler will begin to master many skills that include crawling, walking, playing, singing, interacting with other toddlers, and communicating with everyone around them. Our teachers understand the subtleties of this phase in your child’s life and strive to help your toddler get the most out of each day. We realize that each toddler progresses at his or her own rate and therefore we offer both younger toddler and older toddler groups to ensure that no baby is rushed or left behind. Our developmentally based and age-appropriate curriculum will captivate your child’s imagination allowing them to thoroughly enjoy their learning and fun-filled activities.

Preschool program

Our program for preschoolers welcomes three-year-old children to a fun-filled and challenging atmosphere where they may grow physically and mentally while feeling comfortable, secure, and loved. Our curriculum for preschoolers focuses on pre-writing and pre-reading skills to prepare our preschoolers for the next steps in their educational journey and to cultivate a preschoolers for the next steps in their educational journey and to cultivate a life-long love for education. We also focus on group dynamics and confidence building in an effort to prepare your child for an ever increasingly team-oriented world.

Prekindergarten program

Our prekindergarten program continues on the strong foundation introduced and developed in our preschool program. However, this program is more involved as it includes language arts, reading, pre-math, and pre-science instruction in addition to all the other fun-filled activities described in our preschoolers program. At Children’s Haven, our teachers promote and encourage a positive and excited attitude towards education and social interaction, especially since your prekindergartener is about to embark on several years of schooling and relationship-building.

After School Program

Our program allows your child an opportunity to complete homework, play outside, and relax with a quiet game after a busy day at school. Our caring and patient teachers offer homework assistance to your child in addition to facilitating other daily activities. Children’s Haven Day Care and Learning Center has what working parents are looking for: additional learning time, supervised activities, and a clean, safe, and caring environment.

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